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The Face Sculpt Serum “The Face Serum for Glowing Skin” is a treatment designed for all skin types with rapidly visible effects.

It provides hydration, fights expression lines, improves skin relief and is great for cell renewal.

After daily use, expect your skin to be firmed, hydrated and glowing with this skincare weapon formulated by Dr Nina Bal (Dental Surgeon).

In a 6-week trial of 20 people aged 21-45yrs using Dr Nina’s Face Sculpt Serum:

  • 87% said their skin felt more hydrated and nourished in just two weeks of use
  • 70% felt their skin was more radiant in just two weeks
  • 73% felt their skin was smoother after the 6 weeks
  • 73% said their skin looked more refreshed after just two weeks of use
  • 75% reported glowing skin after just two weeks of use.

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How to use the Face Sculpt Serum

The Face Serum for Glowing Skin

2 pumps are to be applied to the face, neck and décolletage in an upwards motion.

Massage until completely absorbed. It can be used in the AM and/or PM.

Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to get pregnant unless authorised by your doctor. Do not use it if you have an allergy to aspirin or derivatives. Due to the presence of AHA, there is an exfoliating action in the skin and therefore we recommend the use of SPF after this product to minimise the risk of sun damage and sunburn. For external use only.

Avoid contact with eyes, eyelids and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for sensitive skins

Once opened, use within 12 months.

The Face Sculpt Serum, The Face Serum for Glowing Skin by Dr Nina Bal (Dental Surgeon).


Ethically Sourced Extract


GLYCOLIC ACID 0.7%: it is an acid with a very low molecular weight and that penetrates easily. It exerts keratoly=c and hygroscopic ac=on.
SALICILIC ACID 0.1% keratoly=c, an=bacterial and an=sep=c ac=on.
LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID 0.1% penetrates the stratum corneum, providing water to the deeper layers, improves the barrier func=on, increasing its tone and degree of elas=city.
NIACINAMIDE 1% vitamin of group D that unifies the tone, intervening in hyperpigmenta=on processes.
CROSSLINKADO 2% HYALURONIC ACID provides gradual hydra=on and, in turn, redensifies and improves the skin micro-relief. It balances the hydrolipidic mantle together with the FHN and the sebaceous secre=on.
MATRIXYL® 2% biotechnological complex “An=-wrinkle effect” of Tripep=de-38 (TP-38).
S=mulates the synthesis of collagen type I, III, IV, Fibronec=n, Ac. Hyaluronic and Laminin-5.
REDENSIN® 2.5% oleoresin extract that redensifies and plumps wrinkles.
TURMERIA ZEN 1% Curcuma longa extract that acts as an an=-inflammatory, regenera=ng
wounds and small scars.
EXO-P 2% exopolysaccharides that by fibrogenic effect prevents the fixa=on and penetra=on of par=cles with PM 2.5 & 10.0, heavy metals and polycyclic aroma=c hydrocarbons.
ARABIAN COTTON 1%: broad-spectrum protec=on against photo-ageing.




What does Face Serum do?

A face serum can have different functions, it can replenish the moisture and dehydration of the skin, it can restore the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin which sometimes can be compromised and it can also create a gentle exfoliation to the skin.

Do I need both Serum and Moisturiser?

You might need to use a face serum and a moisturiser afterwards or you might not, it’s not a fixed roll if after you apply the face serum you feel your skin is still tight and it just craves hydration then you can apply afterwards a moisturiser but be very mindful on what kind of moisturiser you choose otherwise, if you have oily skin or if your skin is glowing and really healthy you might actually not even need it and you might be okay just by applying face serum.

When should you start using a Face Serum?

There isn’t a fixed age when you should start using a face serum, I would say literally you can start, anytime in your 20s, there are completely safe active ingredients inside so literally, after you, I normally say “prevention is better than cure” so early twenties will be perfect.

Can I use Serum at night?

You can absolutely use a face serum and incorporate that in your pm routine. Normally I might recommend just adding some more active ingredients such as retinol if you want to really work on anti-ageing but definitely, it is part of your pm routine.

How do you apply Face Serum?

A face serum is applied with your hands, so you can wash your hands really well then you pump it on your palm. I personally like to use my index and middle finger to apply it all over my face, I although prefer my pinky to just use it around the eyes area so it’s a little bit more delicate. I don’t want to press on this delicate skin so I just dab it with my pinky.

Which is more important Serum or Moisturiser?

I personally think a serum is more important than a moisturiser because a face serum is essential to restore the hydration to replenish the lipid body of the skin which often is compromised but if your skin is really healthy or if you have oily skin you likely don’t even need a moisturiser because either your skin is too oily so you don’t need any more moisture or a very healthy skin produces hydration from the deep layers.
Can I mix Serum with Moisturiser?
I would not recommend mixing serum and moisturiser together but you can definitely apply the serum first and afterwards if your skin still feels very tight or lacks a hydration then you can apply the moisturiser.

Do you use Serum or Toner first?

The serum has to be applied after the toner so the sequence is a cleanser, toner and then serum so never the other way around.

Can I use Serum without Toner?

You can use the serum without a toner, although I normally recommend using a second step so just before the serum a toner, the reason is that we want to prep the skin so the skin is ready to absorb all the active ingredients contained in the serum as the toner can ideally contain some lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin or some salicylic acid to cleanse the pores so we know that whatever active ingredients is in the serum gets absorbed in the most efficient way.

Can I use Moisturiser without a Serum?

You can use a moisturiser without the serum but my suggestion would be to do the other way around, just use the serum first always and if your skin still needs hydration then you can use a moisturiser but what i recommend is to stay away from moisturisers unless your skin really craves it so for me it has a place after I apply some retinol and vitamin and my skin is still really dry otherwise adjust your serum.

What should we apply on face before makeup?

The last skincare step before makeup is always SPF, I never leave the house without applying my physical or mineral SPF, I normally wait a couple of minutes until it’s completely absorbed and then I do my makeup.

Can I use Serum before makeup?

The face serum can and should be used before the makeup, normally the serum is the step that comes after the cleanser and the toner so just before the SPF, the SPF is the last step before the makeup so the face serum has to be used before makeup.

Face Sculpt Serum Customers Reviews

6 reviews for Face Sculpt Serum

  1. Cieran

    Now on my second bottle of this serum. Love the way it makes my skin feel softer and more hydrated. Will definitely be purchasing a third!

  2. Ava

    Been using the serum around a month and already see that my skin is just that little bit brighter, dewy and smoother.

  3. Hannah

    This will now be a staple product in my skin care regime! It has improved not only my skin texture however my neck and decollage too

  4. Cassie Johnson

    Love love love!

    I would never have believed that a face serum was capable of rejuvenating and brightening the skin. If there is one capable of doing it, this is it. It is amazing.

  5. Valentina

    I purchased this serum a week ago and I already notice that my skin is brighter and smoother. Thank you Dr Nina for creating an amazing product!

  6. Elisabeth

    A face serum that does the job! My skin feels amazing, hydrated and very smooth. Thanks Dr Nina!

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