I’m sure we are all aware that looks are not everything, but your appearance matters. It has been proven by science that people judge others mostly based on looks, and how we look often impacts our behaviours, which is why we should always make sure to look happy and great. There is nothing that feels better than being self-assured about your facial features.

Most women desire to have plump and full lips as they serve as a symbol of youthfulness, feminism, and allure. Some women use lip liners with other cosmetics to provide the illusion of having full lips. Unfortunately, this is not a permanent solution as it can barely last a day, not to mention two. In the course of the article, we will be discussing the various types of lip augmentation and how to get them.

Types of lips augmentations 

Types of lip augmentations 

There are different types of lip augmentation, which include:

Lip fillers

Some injections are referred to as “lip fillers.” They are also the best way you can know how to make your lips bigger ASAP. Their main purpose is to enlarge and add structure to the lips to restore or create the effect of fullness. You should remember that lip fillers are used by women from different walks of life, including doctors and celebrities.

Lip fillers stand out because they can drastically improve your facial features, making you look stunning with almost no work and expense. However, it needs maintenance every 6 to 8 months as it is “semi-permanent.”

Lip fillers Treatment

Fillers with hyaluronic acid

This lip filler is very effective and commonly recommended for first-timers getting a lip augmentation. Though the effect is temporary, it is still the filler with the most natural look of all lip augmentations. Hyaluronic acid is commonly present in the human body, and injecting it into the lips will give a full and plumper lip.

 Also, it looks like a silly gel that draws water while hydrating the lips and surrounding area, thereby giving it a plumper look. You can get long-lasting benefits for more than a year after being administered as a lip injection. It is still regarded as the least permanent form of lip augmentation compared with other treatment forms.

Collagen filler

Before the hyaluronic acid filler gained popularity, most people used the collagen-based filler, as it gave a sustainable lip enhancement. It helps to add more size, volume, and shape to the lips as it fluffs them up. So it is fair to say that the fillers help smooth the lips’ appearance when they are used for augmentation. Additionally, it helps to support the body’s organic collagen production.

Lip Filler Before and After

Fat grafting

Lip augmentation via fat transfer from other body parts to the lips is also viable while trying to make your lips plumper and fuller. It entails gathering, purifying, and injecting fat into your lips. This fat can be extracted from the thigh, armpit, and other body parts. The fat is removed by liposuction. You’ll have shapely and better-structured lips after the fat grafting.

The result of fat grafting is rapid, so you should be able to see a big improvement as you leave the surgeon or as you get home. Also, the body’s chance of rejecting the fat is significantly minimized because the fat is obtained from you.

However, a follow-up session should occur within six to twelve months.

Lips implantation

This can be considered the best option for those whose main aim is to permanently add to their lips’ volume, structure, and size. With each passing year, more people choose this type of lip surgery. Due to this fact, it is becoming more popular day by day. You can get the desired lips you want with lip implantation, and your result is achieved by using soft and plastic implants that are made of silicone and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

However, only those with symmetrical lips and sufficient lip tissue are advised to use the lip implant. The lips of those who use this option must have the ability to stretch following the procedure to hide the implant and provide a result that looks natural.

Before you obtain or sign up for a lip implant, you should consult a licensed aesthetician to know if you are eligible for it.

 However, it has been proven that most people prefer lip fillers. Lip fillers are frequently available in diverse forms for injecting them into the lips. However, the most commonly used filler is hyaluronic acid. It is considered more effective and also more natural-looking. Due to the inconsistent effectiveness of other lip augmentation methods and the increased risk of side effects, they are not utilized as frequently as hyaluronic acid filler.

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How to make Lips Bigger Permanently

Permanent solutions for plumper lips without make-up have always been sought after.  Knowing Lips augmentation helps in choosing the right lip augmentation surgery. There are now different methods of getting permanent lip augmentation, one of which is the lip implant. The lip implant will add shape and volume to the lips and is also permanent. Different cosmetic treatments are customized and personalized for each to get the perfect solution for diverse lip types. Most of these treatments are also non-invasive, with short steps and an even shorter recovery period.

Lip Implant versus Lip Injection

A lip implant is an act of cutting a small incision at the corner of the mouth to insert an implant for enhancement purposes. In contrast, a lip injection is a process of injecting dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid in the corner of the lips to enhance the appearance of the lips.

 The lip injection is not permanent and might last for a year or more without maintenance, but in the end, it will need to be maintained while the lip implant is permanent. Also, you should note that lip injections have a lower chance of side effects than lip implants. 

The Advantages of Lip Implants 

  • A lip implant is durable and might retain shape for over a decade after it has been placed.
  • You can achieve a larger and more symmetrical appearance with the help of lip implants efficiently.
  • After being inserted, they can remain in place for decades, which is a longer time than fillers.

Lip implants’ disadvantages

It is not uncommon to experience side effects after surgery. There is an increased likelihood of experiencing major adverse effects, including infection, implant displacement, allergic reactions, tumours, protracted swelling or bruising, and lip asymmetry.

However, the removal of implants is a very challenging process. Though it is considered a safe cosmetic procedure, infection, swelling, and other minor side effects are also possible. You should remember that most of these side effects are inherent to any surgical procedure. If you consult your professional surgeon, your risk will be minimized.

The Benefits of Lip Injections

  • The lips will be enhanced while maintaining their natural appearance simultaneously. The chance of experiencing side effects is drastically cut down. Though it is still possible for there to be a side effect, it is at a minimum.

The disadvantage of lip injection

  • No permanent effect.
  • There are rare but possible side effects, including bleeding, swelling, redness, soreness, and bruising, Infections, allergic reactions, tumours, prolonged swelling or bruising, and lip asymmetry.

Final words

Before you have your lips augmentation surgery, You should be aware, however, that regardless of the type of lip permanent augmentation you had, you will require some time to heal. Although most people return to work immediately without encountering any issues, it’s still a good idea to take a day off if two offers to recover.

 You should always consult a licensed facial aesthetics practitioner who is always available 24/7 at facial sculpting UK to get the lip augmentation that suits your facial features and the lip enhancement surgery cost.

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