In this digital era, sometimes known as the “selfie era,” where online interactions frequently entail the use of photographs, it is becoming increasingly fashionable to desire to improve your appearance without making drastic changes or needing surgery. This fine-tuning frequently entails “reshaping the face,” an effort to re-create the appealing aesthetics of the Triangle of Youth.

This article will explain the various ways by which you can achieve your dream V shape.

How to Re-Shape Your Face shape

A youthful face has three characteristics: high cheekbones, plump cheeks, and most importantly, a well-defined jawline, known as the Triangle of Youth. The base of the triangle is the cheeks, while the points are at the chin. This youthful triangle often becomes inverted as we age. Flattened cheeks, sagging skin, hollowness around the eyes, and fullness around the jawline are all signs of ageing.

The good news is that there are tested methods for preventing and treating the pyramid of age. When it comes to remodelling your face, the contour and volume of your cheekbones, lips, and chin are the most important areas to focus on. There is a wide range of simple techniques to reshape these areas. 

Use a V shape facelift with  a massager

Use a V shape facelift with  a massager

Using a facial massager or jade roller on your face is a quick and easy approach to give your face an instant lift. In addition, it can assist in draining lymphatic fluid that has accumulated on your face, making it appear less puffy and bloated.

V shape face massage can help enhance blood circulation and calm the muscles in your face. As a result, your skin will appear younger, and your complexion will be brighter and more luminous. 

How to use a face roller 

  • First, slide down your jawline towards your hairline for about five reps, then roll upwards over your cheeks towards your ears. 
  • Then, move on to your inner eye and roll towards your temples, followed by your eyebrows.
  • Finally, roll upwards from your brows to your hairline, gliding across your forehead. Finish by moving from the centre of your forehead to your temples.
V shape treatment before and after

Facial Filler

Facial fillers have been used for a long time. However, our knowledge of the ageing process and the anatomy of the face, as well as our modern injection procedures, allow us to use fillers all over the face, giving the face a better balance and proportion.

Fillers help contour the face by filling in hollows in the face and creating lift and fullness. Face sagging is frequently caused by drooping fat pads that migrate to the lower face as a result of normal ageing and loss of fat and volume in the cheeks. Filler can restore volume to your cheeks, elevating drooping skin and creating a smoother jawline. It can also be used around the jawline to reduce the look of sagging jowls and to sculpt your face. 

V shape face surgery

V shape face surgery is a surgical treatment that reshapes the jawline and chin to obtain the desired V shape. It is done with liposuction or a scalpel.

Minor adjustments, such as extra skin and fat around the chin and jawline, can be addressed with a mini-Surface V operation. The effects are usually instantaneous and persist between one and three months. Therefore, a V shape face surgery may be combined with a mini-surface operation.

 Exercises to get a V Shape face

Exercise should be paired with a balanced diet, removing toxins (detoxification) from the body, and a skincare program for your face to achieve the ideal beauty and avoid wrinkles.

Jaw motions

Make your bottom jaw as low as possible while sitting straight. The next step is to thrust out the lower jaw and create tension in the cheeks around the ear. Feel the tightness for around ten seconds before relaxing and drawing the jaw inwards. This exercise should be repeated ten times.

A simple smile says it all

Smiling can also be beneficial to your facial muscles. All you have to do is smile broadly while keeping your mouth closed. Keep in mind that the lips should not be separated. Bring your face back to a relaxed position after 10 seconds of smiling.

Doing this exercise daily will improve the structure of your face and improve your mood.

Xs and Os

This is an excellent exercise for eliminating fat from your cheekbones. You have to create exaggerated motions with your facial muscles while alternatively pronouncing the letters X and O.

Doing this exercise ten times a day will also help to strengthen the muscles.

Tongue motion

This exercise is a fantastic approach to working on the muscles beneath the apple of your cheeks. It entails pushing your tongue out and stretching it as though you were attempting to touch your chin. Hold this stance for ten seconds and notice how your muscles tense up.

This should be done ten times.

Cheek raises

If you want to work on the upper muscles of your cheeks, you must perform this exercise. Unfortunately, it will also make your face appear slimmer. To begin, lift your cheeks upwards towards your eyes without changing the posture of your lips. The second step is to raise the corners of the lips and push the cheekbones up from below.

To achieve the best effects, repeat this exercise ten times.

Fishy (Pout) expression

Making a fishy face is the best workout if you want a V shape jawline. To make the fish face, simply pucker your lips while sucking in your cheeks. Then, try to raise the outer corners of your lips into a smile while in this position. Count to ten before releasing the hold. 

This workout will benefit not only your cheeks but also your jaw.

Puffy chin

By completing this exercise, you will strengthen the muscles in your cheeks’ upper and middle areas. First, puff your cheeks with air while your lips are closed. Then, hold this air in each cheek for five seconds, alternating between the two cheeks.

These workouts will not only help you acquire the ideal cheekbones but will also strengthen them. However, don’t forget to combine these activities with a healthy diet to give your gorgeous face a glow.

V shape Techniques and Treatments

 Have a good night’s sleep

Have you ever woken with a throbbing jaw? You could be unknowingly clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep. It is known as bruxism and can occur when you are stressed or anxious and cannot relax when sleeping. In the long term, this will harm your teeth and jaw and produce tension headaches and muscular soreness. It can also cause enlargement and overdevelopment of your facial muscles, resulting in a square jaw.

To find out if you’re at risk, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Also, try to unwind and de-stress before going to bed. Going to bed agitated and worried will stiffen your muscles. Instead, you could try meditating or lighting a relaxing scented candle. You could also consider Botox injections to relax the muscles in your jaw.

Use the power of contour

Makeup comes to the rescue once more. Instead of concealing flaws, we’ll use concealer to frame our features this time. You’ll only need a contour palette and your favourite concealer.

Begin by applying the contour upward to your jawline to create the illusion of a thinner, v-shaped face. After blending the contour, use a small brush to apply concealer about half an inch above your jawline to accentuate your face. Finish with a setting spray, and you’re done.

Nina's Bal V Lift
Nina’s Bal V Lift

Tone it up

We’ve all had the experience of waking up with a bloated face the morning after an evening of indulging. To deal with it, we must spend a few minutes improving circulation and tightening pores in the morning.

One method is to dip your clean face in a bowl of chilled toner first thing in the morning. Cold temperatures dilate capillaries and increase drainage, while toner reduces inflammation and puffiness.

This beauty trick takes only the most cursory preparation the night before. Take a bowl of water straight from the faucet and mix with the tiniest bit of toner of your choice – roughly five (parts water) to one (part toner) in proportions.

Stir everything together and place it in the fridge. When you wake up in the morning, dip your face into a bowl of chilled toner water concoction, then gently massage the contours of your face for around 15 seconds. There will be a depuffing impact and a reduction in ruddiness and pore size.

Final Words 

Getting a V shape face is a fun challenge and is achievable for anyone! Using make-up, sitting in front of a mirror, contouring and accentuating your cheekbones can do wonders but is only temporary. If you want a permanent look you should see an expert who can help you with these steps.

For more information on how to get a V shape face, book an appointment with Nina, a world-renowned facial sculpting expert with a proven track record of successfully procedures to get the desired V shape face. 

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