Award-winning London Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetics Practitioner, Nina Bal (Dental Surgeon), is proud to announce the launch of her debut product, the Face Sculpt Serum.

Meet Ninashop

A formula designed for most skin types for an immediate glowing skin

I am so pleased to be a part of your skincare regime to get your very best skin!

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Cruelty Free

Cruelty-free not tested on animals

100% Natural & Vegan

Just Vegan and Natural Ingredients

Focus on the Glow

 After two weeks of use, 75%* reported glowing skin.


Face Sculpt Serum

Lightweight, easy to absorb formula. A treatment designed for most skin types with rapidly visible effects. It provides hydration, fights expression lines, and encourages cell renewal. 

The journey to your best skin starts here…

“Your skin is constantly undergoing change, triggered from within and by external factors. It is constantly reacting to everything; from the passing of time, to your lifestyle choices and the environment around you. To support your best skin from this moment on and beyond, it’s time to review your choices and your skincare regime. I’d like to introduce you to my Face Sculpt Serum which I believe will be your new best friend on your pathway to your best skin.” Nina (Dental Surgeon)

Face Sculpt Serum – The Formula

  • ARABIAN COTTON 1%: Broad spectrum protection against photo-aging
  • CROSSLINKED 2% HYALURONIC ACID Provides gradual hydration and, in turn, improves the skin, balancing both hydration and oil production. It improves the protective barrier effect.
  • EXO-P 2% Makes a barrier or shield effect, preventing the penetration of pollutant particles
  • GLYCOLIC ACID 0.7%: It is an acid with a very low molecular weight, and penetrates the skin easily, to soften and gently exfoliate whilst also hydrating.
  • LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID 0.1% Penetrates the stratum corneum, providing water to the deeper layers of the skin, improving wrinkles.
  • MATRIXYL® 2% Stimulates the production of collagen for an anti-wrinkle effect
  • NIACINAMIDE 1% Vitamin of group B that balances the skin tone, and improves the look of hyperpigmentation.
  • REDENSIN® 2.5% Helps plump wrinkles
  • SALICYLIC ACID 0.1% To soften and gently exfoliate the skin. Antibacterial and antiseptic action.
  • TURMERIA ZEN 1% Anti-inflammatory action that helps to support wound healing and improves the look of small scars.

Creating the best in class Cosmetic product for the better you

The NEW high-performance serum is over two years in the making and the passion project of Nina, with more than 12 years’ experience looking after the cosmetic needs of thousands of patients.

Nina Bal Serum


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