• Always wash your face in the morning and at the end of the day – avoiding wipes! I recommend double cleansing both in the morning to remove the active ingredients applied during your night-time routine and in the evening before applying the active ingredients to help remove pollution, all the days grime and every trace of makeup. 
  • When using eye makeup remover, rest the soaked cotton pads over closed eyes for a few seconds before gently sweeping away your mascara and eyeliner. Don’t rub the eye area as you will lose lashes and cause skin trauma in the delicate eye area. 
  • It’s not necessary to use any manual exfoliators on the skin, such as any rough beads or pumice, this can actually damage the skin as it is very harsh and can cause little traumas in the skin called microdamage! It is best to use products that delicately and gently dissolve dead skin. Look for products with fruit acids or low levels of salicylic, glycolic, or lactic acid. A rough gauze with those acids on top might be used for a gentle mechanical and chemical exfoliation at the same time, helping get rid of any dead skin cells and grime.
  • Pat skin dry, gently, with the softest, clean towel you can find. Do not rub or use anything rough to dry the skin as this can damage the skin’s surface.
  • Change your pillowcase as often as possible as sweat and dirt and bacteria from your hair can cause breakouts. Tying your hair up to sleep is ideal. The type of pillowcase used can also make a difference! You can use a silk pillowcase, not a cotton one, as the cotton will crease the skin and can create vertical lines, called the sleeping lines. 
  • Look at the quality of the ingredients of the skincare, including the percentage, delivery system and bioavailability. Avoid heavy or highly perfumed creams that are not specifically stated as non-pore clogging at night time as your skin needs time to breathe and repair and these sorts of the product can cause breakouts and prevent the actives from your chosen skin products penetrating the skin.  
  • Always wear a dedicated sunscreen product of 30+ under your make up, even in winter and on cloudy days. Damaging UV light is always a threat no matter the season. Therefore, you should always try to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation. Even if you stay indoors all day, we must wear SPF as the UVA rays penetrate through the windows and the high energy visible lights from the tablets can also age and worsen skin pigmentation. 
  • Apply product to the face using fingertips in an upward motion, do not drag the skin downwards as this can cause stress on the skin and doesn’t support elasticity. Using this motion also helps with fluid build-up it the face.  
  • Good skin doesn’t need much coverage, so if you take care of it, you will automatically apply less makeup. Ultimately, less is more with foundation. If you look at your face, only some areas will require coverage such as around the nose, chin and eyes to help even out skin tone and texture.

Skincare Steps for Glowing Skin


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